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1. Contact Peace River Investments, Inc by:
Phone: 828-515-1333
​ Web Form: Sell my LKN Home
US postal mail: 7985 NC Highway 150, #462, Terrell, NC, 28682

2. We will contact you and make an appointment to visit your property. During the walk through we will:
* Assess the condition of the property. We buy houses in any condition, so you don’t need to worry about repairs and renovations. We’ll examine your house as-is and work from there.

* Review the market value of the property. What houses in your neighborhood have recently been sold, and for how much? The answers to these questions, combined with the condition of your house, give us a clear picture of overall value.

* Present an all cash offer for your house. At this time we will also present you with a contract to purchase the property, as-is. Just to be clear, this offer is what we will pay you in cash if you accept.

3. Accept the offer and sign the contract. The fun begins here. At this point we will contact you with a closing date. When can we close?If you need to sell your house fast, we can close in less than two weeks. Yes, you can receive cash for your house within two weeks. If you need more time, that’s OK. We can wait as long as you need between signing the contract and closing.

4. Attend the closing. This is when we formally make the exchange: you give us the house and we give you cash. And, you don’t even have to attend the closing if you’re out of town. The title company will come to you. So if you don’t live in the Lake Norman area, don’t make special plans just to attend the closing. We can take care of everything.
How To Get Cash for Your House
It sounds pretty outrageous, right? You’ve probably heard horror stories from people who have sold their houses — or have tried to sell their houses. The process can be long and drawn-out. People might not act with pure intentions. You can spend thousands making repairs and still have trouble attracting bids at your asking price. Plus, about 78% of home sales using traditional lending methods fall through at the closing table.

So how in the world do we offer 100% cash for homes?

The process is simple, straight forward, and fast. Instead of spending thousands on improvements (that someone else will enjoy) and wading through a sea of red tape — not to mention fees and commissions — you can contact us to get an all-cash offer for your house, as is.

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